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Friday, December 19, 2008

Open Your Heart

These pendants are full of love! Wow, so fun to make. I like the real playing cards put in there and the rose petals. They read "Open Your Heart".

Big Boota Fox 13

Dec. 23 at 6:10 a.m. our pendants will be on T.V. Big Boota will be visiting Amy Cox, at Artisan Beads at Trolley Square. Our pendants are in her store, she has 11 local jewelry artists involved in her company. Wow!

Friday, December 12, 2008

Everyone should listen to this!

This is an amazing woman. She is a survivor of abortion. After I viewed this, I have not stopped thinking about it. It has really made me think of how Gianna is so amazing. Gianna knows things about her and God that others may not ever find out. She is absolutely inspiring and the spirit about her is very touching.

visit this:

Tuesday, December 9, 2008

On TV, Thursday Dec. 11th

Wow we are doing a giveaway again!!! The Studio 5 show is this Thursday at 11am on KSL. They said I will be on at 11:15am. I am actually grateful my face will not be on the show, just my glass and pendants. I am so excited! It is at the very end . . . she is also wearing on of the pendants.

Trunk Show JAN 24th

Come see me at this fun trunk show, I would love to put a face with a name!

Monday, December 8, 2008

SCRIBBIT if you haven't visited the sight, you need to (on my sidebar)

Sunday, December 07, 2008

Glitzy Glass Stars and Chronicle Books Giveaway

A Week of GiveawaysWelcome to day seven, our last day, of a week of giveaways where I have more than a dozen sponsors with beautiful gifts for you.

Entering is easy, leave a comment on a giveaway post for a chance to win that day's prize. I will leave all the giveaways open through today then I'll draw all the giveaway winners tomorrow December 8thth and will announce the winners on Tuesday December 9th.

One entry per person please. I'm sorry but due to shipping costs giveawa
ys are open to those with a U.S. address.

Don't forget there are more than sixty other giveaways and blog events listed on the Message Board--everything from KEEN shoes to wiis to toys and jewelry.


Glitzy Glass StarsJust in time for your holiday decorating Glitzy Glass Stars makes these beautiful shimmering decorations that would be beautiful winter or summer. Each one is hand made with care and if your winters are dark like mine, a shining star in the window casting rainbows around the room would do a great deal toward lightening up the dusk.

This particular star is half of today's giveaway package and measures eight inches across with dangling beads on the points. If you're looking for good deals too, I've noticed that the Glitzy Glass blog has been carrying some terrific pre-holiday sales that make things even more tempting.

Wednesday, November 26, 2008

Open Your Heart

A New Heart, 3-D. I love Valentines Day, in preparation I have made several hearts to help some Charities . . .you can help-see sidebar Glitzy Gives Back.

Monday, November 24, 2008

"Judges First Choice" Ribbon

“When I See a Star, I Dream”

Glitzy Glass, decorated and donated for the Down Syndrome Organization, Annual Festival Tree of Lights . .

A night of Glitz and Glamour, we had waited for since July, and it was everything we hoped for. The overwhelming feeling I had was of gratitude for the generosity people have. People donated so much money to benefit the Down Syndrome Foundation. The money is used for therapy of all kinds to help the children develop skills. There were so many people who put so many hours into the prep work. We put in several hours for the tree, but our work was fun. When the Benefit began we were all able to view the 30 some trees. The trees were beautiful! Some of the themes of the other trees were;

“Diva” which included paraphernalia of Marylyn Monroe, Audrey Hepburn, Madonna . .

“Games” included lots of family games, even a ping pong table

“Pink Tree” this tree had purses as ornaments, and ____

“Pampered Chef Tree” of course everything you could think of cooking wise

“Wine Tree” lots of wine stuff

“Cooking Tree” Pots pans and trinkets

“Spa Tree” tons of gift certificates for spa services (ooohh uhhh)

The guy who was auctioning had helped do many fundraisers, even for Bill Clinton . . . Very funny. They warned us as the time got closer to the end, 15 minutes, 10, 5 and no more bidding.

The couples bidding on our tree were so so excited that they were able to get it. They told us more than 5 times how happy they were! There was a couple who arrived late and was so upset that they didn’t get our tree. It was fun to hear them talk about that (I relished). I was also able to donate a gift basket with five pendants, and a few chains, snowflake, star, it was fun.

FOOD TIME! We all went into the next room with the beautiful Chandeliers, tables all set beautifully and the food was AMAZING. They had a chicken and beef all dolled up, and potatoes that were amazing. The potatoes were sliced really think, compacted and cut into a triangle, then broiled. I want to make them for Thanksgiving!

For my favorite part of the meal the servers all lined up and brought out our desert. SO good!

After dinner the live auction started. There were three trees being auctioned, and boy was it for the elite. One of those trees had several paintings, a hand-carved rocking horse, hand-carved chair, air flight tickets to anywhere, really cool tree! The auctioneer even let 2 of the boys who had Down Syndrome auction off a book for a few hundred dollars each.

My sister Julia, her husband, and her little girl Brooklyn spoke before desert. She was emotional, it was great! My mom and sister can’t speak without crying. I on the other-hand don’t cry!

To sum it up—it was so wonderful. We enjoyed everything, every moment. And, Julia (so nice) let me take home the ribbon—so kind!

Under our tree (came with the tree as they bid)

For The Festival Tree Of Lights

Under our tree (came with the tree as they bid)
For The Festival Tree Of Lights
$200 Top of the World Restaurant at the Stratosphere
Night at the 5 Star Wynn Las Vegas hotel
Treadmill "track Star" donated by Icon Health and Fitness
Van Gough's Starry Night painting very large! Donated by Prince Galleries
Purse donated by JustBe online, Suzie Bates
Star, Diamond pendant donated by S.E. Needham Jewelers
Books about stargazing and being a star

To see more . . . . click “Event/Press” on right sidebar

Monday, November 17, 2008

Start Up Princess Giveaway WINNER IS

Leah Snyder!!! Thank you for your participation! We will be doing something for BLACK FRIDAY, I will post later!

Sunday, November 16, 2008

Wednesday, November 12, 2008

Glitzy's Newest Creations

Here are my newest creations.
I have a thing for Peacocks, my little girl won a diaper contest--dressed up as a Peacock. These are from a family member, I love, love this one! (see picture on
The Eiffel
The Eiffel towers have a mirror on the back. There are 2 different Eiffel's, one has pink and blue, other browns.
The shopping girl reads "I always say shopping is always cheaper than a psychiatrist". The back is a pop-art

To see more information click on "Glitzy Pendants" (left side bar)
You can place orders with me through Paypal, just email me details.

Monday, November 10, 2008

Free Drawing # 2 HAS A WINNER

To enter drawing # 2,
Library Girl won the Star!!!! There will be another drawing posted Monday or Tuesday. I am going to try to do drawings a lot in the next 2 months!!!

To see more selection click on sidebar "Portfolio".

Thursday, November 6, 2008

Free Drawing # 1

Starting November 10th in the afternoonish, visit and comment on their blog. To enter to win select your favorite pendant by name
Sparkly Marilyn
Beautiful Audrie
Wishing Crown
Wonderful Chandelier
and when you leave your comment, type the special name of the pendant. The drawing will be held Saturday.

There will be another drawing on next week. Thank you for visiting us here at GlitzyGlassStars.
To see more pendants click on sidebar Glitzy Glass Pendants.

Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Just a Peek

So, I have been in Las Vegas getting ready for the Event. The Festival Tree of Lights for the Down Syndrome Organization is in 23 Days. We went all around town getting everything for it. I am touched by all the wonderful people who contribute. This is not our finished product. . .we were trying to find out how many stars to use. We are getting the tree ready to ship (they saran wrap it and box it up)to the Paris Hotel in Las Vegas. The invitations are awesome, if anyone wants an invitation, just ask me. You can visit: for more information. I found out a little more about where the money goes, it goes to help the children with therapy. Some examples of therapy are spirit horse (where they ride horses--they say it is one of the best things for the children), speech therapy, music therapy, and more. My niece Brooklyn is so so cute, she goes to school and loves it. The thing I love most about Brooklyn is how she laughs at nothing, she laughs a lot, so so cute.

Frank Abagnale Jr.

Go to to see the trailer

I went to a financial event with my husband at the Grand America Hotel in Salt Lake City. We accidentally tried to sign up to go to a technology event, thinking that it was ours, we were messing around for 20 minutes. After all that, I thoroughly enjoyed the food, and even more than that, the speaker. Steven Spilberg filmed Catch Me If You Can, about Frank Abagnale Jr. Frank came to tell us his version (the movie was glorified). He told several stories, he spoke quickly and gave little jokes so we had to pay attention.
Frank started with the story of how it all started for his life of fraud. He was in school and his teacher pulled him out, he found him self in a courtroom and had no idea why. His mother was on one side, and his father on another. The judge told him to choose which parent he wanted to live with, and he ran out of the room and never saw his father again.
My favorite moments of the speech was how he spoke about what changed him. He ended up getting caught in France (I think) and spent jail time there, then in a different country, then spent jail time in our country. His father ended up dying, he slipped and fell down a flight of stairs (very physically fit, bad accident) in the subway. After he got out, he met a girl. He said that jail didn't change him, but his wife. His wife (still married to) helped him to be who he was. He said to treat your wife like she is everything.
Frank loved his father. His father never missed a night of kissing him goodnight. Frank has 3 boys (high credentials) who he loves. Frank said that no one can replace parents. I was surprised to hear that from him, it's rare, you don't hear people who actually get that concept.
So, he was very fun to meet, and we had a blast at the event. We actually met Frank Abagnale!

Thursday, October 16, 2008


These snowflakes are a killer. The rainbows are fab! We stopped into Paisley and Pomegranate today, and will be sending them a bunch of snowflakes and blue birds. I am so excited to decorate my Christmas tree with these!

Monday, October 13, 2008

Tree Topper and Purse

My sister and I can't decide which tree topper color to use, iridescent or dark blue. We also will have a beautiful purse from that was custom made for the Down Syndrome Foundation. I can't wait to see the purse, I will post it soon.

Monday, September 29, 2008

Enter a Moms Contest for $25 . . .

In the near future I will be one of their new vendors . . .
I’m so excited to announce that the Grand Opening for will begin October 1st!!! I’ve got lots of fun festivities planned & all my mom-vendors are really stoked to kick this off! There will be several new mom-vendors being added to the store this week, too, which makes this all even more exciting.

Friday, September 26, 2008

Make A Difference TODAY details about Touchpoint

My mind set is continuously changing and I am going to make a difference.
I attended Touchpoint an for entrepreneurial women in SLC, UT. Heather Madder was the key note speaker who has really touched me. I feel so inspired and driven to make a difference now, today . . .I believe my business can lead me to inspiring others while being an at home mom (I work when they nap). I have met so many people in the last month who will change my course forever. I am a part of American Mothers (a nondenominational group of mothers who get together to talk about being good moms)where I met Deborah Gardner. I am going to team up with "One Heart Bulgaria" to help orphans. Glitzy Glass is committed to donating 3% profit to helping this organization. So, every purchase you make will contribute to helping Orphans in a real way. Every person has something to offer, not an average something, but something wonderful inside of them. Truthfully we need to be mentally healthy to be able to connect, then, influence the lives of others. Getting rid of all the stigmas that society has put on us can help us break free. I will go to Bulgaria (somehow) and help these children.
Working with the Festival Tree of Lights in Las Vegas for the Down Syndrome has shown me the generosity of others who want to make a difference too. I never cry and for some reason I do when I talk about "One Heart Bulgaria". I feel compelled to find a way to help out, teach my children about what matters and to be continuously closer to God. I have always been involved in giving service. When I was in High School I received the Prudential Spirit of Community Award, yet I have not felt like I have taken the chance to give- to the next level. Wow, you will be hearing more soon!

Tuesday, September 23, 2008

What's with the Tree?

We are progressing with our donations for the Festival Tree Of Lights. Icon Health and Fitness has donated a tread mill (track star)(yeah!). Glitzy Glass Stars will be featured on the Christmas Tree. Needham Jewelers in Logan, UT has donated a diamond pendant. Prince Gallery in Logan has donated a large textured painting of Van Gough "Stary Night". Just Be has donated a "Stary Night" purse (so excited to see). We are in the process of obtaining a telescope, and a hand made quilt. Any ideas, please comment. . .

As you know, I love garage sales! My mom and I love to wake up at 6:30am and go searching. . . We decided to have a "Give Back" garage sale (all the stuff we got at a garage sale ha ha ha). We donated the proceeds to the Down Syndrome, Festival of Lights. We had pictures of our cute grand kids and had a blast bartering with everyone. I am surprised how much stuff was really valuable- left over at the end. We tried to give great deals so we could get rid of the stuff. The cars were lined up all down the street, so fun.

Peaches N' Cream

The night before the garage sale my mom and I did peaches together, so many. . .I love the fact that I have that time to can with my mom. They look great don't they! My little girl had so much fun being the "pitter getter". She stood right next to me for over an hour helping me out. For those out there that still bottle their own peaches--we've got something in common (sorry to say it is much better bottled vs. the grocery store).

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