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Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Earring Give Away!

You will win a set of Earrings...
Glitzy Earrings are light weight, lead free, and super sexy! You'll love them!

Just Comment, write your name, you know the drill.

And, I do have to tell what happened yesterday. 
Really, it is hard to take 3 kids with you to do errands-do men know that? 
I was dreading my next stop.  Last time Rex and Brighton were chasing each other screaming, going out of my site, and being NAUGHTY.
My youngest had fallen asleep.  So I had to be extra strong and careful not to wake her up.  I had 2 more errands to run.  We arrived at the post office being sure to park on the same side as the buildings so I didn't have to be worried the kids would die in the parking lot. 
I got to the door, some nice guy opened the door for me and told me I had my hands full.  I said "Ya, want to rent my children?"
So, we got in the line that led to the back door.  Kids were actually being ok.  Time passed, I got to the middle of the line.
BOOM  I look over, my face turned red.  In my brain I thought ahh, are you kidding me!  But, collectively I didn't talk, breathed...
I had my little girl pretend like she was mommy, watching the baby and keeping my place in line.  Me and 'Trouble Maker' headed over to a large card display.  I had noticed this display at another post office.  It had a bunch of nice photos of dogs taken in a weird way.  I thought, well if I liked pets, maybe...but after this I said FORGET this display.  We started to place all the fallen out cards back.  People kept saying, "You don't have to do that, someone else will get it."
I thought ya, but my kid won't learn his over-rated lesson.  So we started to stand it up.  It took me a while to get it to stand straight.
Done.  Got back in line.  Went to the front.  Flustered.  We sent all the mail.
Good News: Baby stayed asleep.
Bad News: One of the envelopes was in my mailbox today.  The lady helping us was clearly not paying attention where it said "FROM".  Now we will see what happens tomorrow when I take the package back.
Oh well, what a story right.
Just Comment, write your name, you know the drill.

Monday, August 23, 2010

Winner for Blue Bird of Happiness

The winner is: LUND'S
Yes, someone won. Was it you? I will do another drawing and let everyone know on facebook and twitter soon. Thank you for visiting my blog today. Mention this post and receive 15% off special order pendant.

Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Bracelet & Necklace special order

This special order was so fun. We made the bracelet portion for the watch. We also made one just like this with stretchy string wich was easy for her to put on and off. She loved this.

We also made her a pendant with her family on one side and colored glass on the other.

She had a locket with all those birth rinestones. We added it as a charm.

So fun, so many things you can do with special orders.

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