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Wednesday, March 31, 2010

New Key Chain and Picture Frame

These have been so fun to work on. Is your key chain a little drab? Now you can have a good looking key chain. I can do personal photos in them as well...

To see more examples click "Glitzy Pendants" and "Portfolio"

Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Mother's Day Pricing SALE SALE SALE

Well I finally put it alltogether so it is easier to understand the pricing. I have a lot of options, I fit the customer to what they want.


Mother's Day Special

Order before April 10th and receive 20% off your total order (no other offers applicable)

Order before Mother's Day and receive 15% off your total order

Mention you saw this on my blog when you email the order. (just send a jpeg in an email)

This special is for a mother figure...hence Mother's Day... hopefully you have a good one (ha ha).
It truely is the perfect gift. I really want everyone to be able to get something for their Mother if they desire. Thank you for visiting my blog today.

Saturday, March 6, 2010

Free Zipper Pull/ Special order Marathon

THESE PICTURES ARE OF A MARATHON RUNNER, "The miracle isn't that I finished. The miracle is I had the courage to start." The front are feet, the back is her and her husband after they finshed the race.
THE PICTURE OF THE BIRTHDAY CAKE WAS FOR MY NEICE. SHE TURNED 13! SO FUN TO MAKE. She lives so far away that I couldn't make her a real one, so I sent her this one in the mail. I really love Birthdays!

DO YOU WANT A FREE ZIPPER PULL?? I am truthfully expanding my horizon, I would love to do a little advertising for my self. If you want a free zipper pull, I want a little advertising. My hopes are that you could put my new button on your blog and keep it there. If you do not have a blog, get someone to do it for you (have a friend of yours put it on their blog). I would love to be a button for you or your friends...
IF YOU WANT ONE: send me an email when you have the blog button installed. Include the name of the blog so I can visit and see. Then, I will send you a zipper pull. If you live in Logan we can meet .
To instal a button.
1. visit right click on my "display on your blog" button. Looks like the attachment, or right click on the attachment.
2. Save that image on your computer.
3. go to your blog
4. log into your blog
5. click on layout
6. add a gadget
7. scroll down a little and click on "add a picture"
8. it will have a place to write something up ahead--you don't need to
9. it will have a place to put a web address. This is where you put
10. It says browse, that is where you click and you can fin the picture that you saved. click on the picture of the button you saved on your computer
11. click save at the bottom
12. click save on the layout page
14. email me and I will send you the goods!

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