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Monday, September 29, 2008

Enter a Moms Contest for $25 . . .

In the near future I will be one of their new vendors . . .
I’m so excited to announce that the Grand Opening for will begin October 1st!!! I’ve got lots of fun festivities planned & all my mom-vendors are really stoked to kick this off! There will be several new mom-vendors being added to the store this week, too, which makes this all even more exciting.

Friday, September 26, 2008

Make A Difference TODAY details about Touchpoint

My mind set is continuously changing and I am going to make a difference.
I attended Touchpoint an for entrepreneurial women in SLC, UT. Heather Madder was the key note speaker who has really touched me. I feel so inspired and driven to make a difference now, today . . .I believe my business can lead me to inspiring others while being an at home mom (I work when they nap). I have met so many people in the last month who will change my course forever. I am a part of American Mothers (a nondenominational group of mothers who get together to talk about being good moms)where I met Deborah Gardner. I am going to team up with "One Heart Bulgaria" to help orphans. Glitzy Glass is committed to donating 3% profit to helping this organization. So, every purchase you make will contribute to helping Orphans in a real way. Every person has something to offer, not an average something, but something wonderful inside of them. Truthfully we need to be mentally healthy to be able to connect, then, influence the lives of others. Getting rid of all the stigmas that society has put on us can help us break free. I will go to Bulgaria (somehow) and help these children.
Working with the Festival Tree of Lights in Las Vegas for the Down Syndrome has shown me the generosity of others who want to make a difference too. I never cry and for some reason I do when I talk about "One Heart Bulgaria". I feel compelled to find a way to help out, teach my children about what matters and to be continuously closer to God. I have always been involved in giving service. When I was in High School I received the Prudential Spirit of Community Award, yet I have not felt like I have taken the chance to give- to the next level. Wow, you will be hearing more soon!

Tuesday, September 23, 2008

What's with the Tree?

We are progressing with our donations for the Festival Tree Of Lights. Icon Health and Fitness has donated a tread mill (track star)(yeah!). Glitzy Glass Stars will be featured on the Christmas Tree. Needham Jewelers in Logan, UT has donated a diamond pendant. Prince Gallery in Logan has donated a large textured painting of Van Gough "Stary Night". Just Be has donated a "Stary Night" purse (so excited to see). We are in the process of obtaining a telescope, and a hand made quilt. Any ideas, please comment. . .

As you know, I love garage sales! My mom and I love to wake up at 6:30am and go searching. . . We decided to have a "Give Back" garage sale (all the stuff we got at a garage sale ha ha ha). We donated the proceeds to the Down Syndrome, Festival of Lights. We had pictures of our cute grand kids and had a blast bartering with everyone. I am surprised how much stuff was really valuable- left over at the end. We tried to give great deals so we could get rid of the stuff. The cars were lined up all down the street, so fun.

Peaches N' Cream

The night before the garage sale my mom and I did peaches together, so many. . .I love the fact that I have that time to can with my mom. They look great don't they! My little girl had so much fun being the "pitter getter". She stood right next to me for over an hour helping me out. For those out there that still bottle their own peaches--we've got something in common (sorry to say it is much better bottled vs. the grocery store).

Friday, September 12, 2008

Wednesday, September 10, 2008

20th Annual Festival of Trees and Lights

My sister Julia has the cutest girl-Brooklyn. Brooklyn is where this all started for us. Julia and I are co-designers for the Festival of Lights 08'.

Glitzy Glass Stars will be featured to decorate a tree with our stars at the Festival of Lights in Las Vegas. The highest bid of 07' was $9000. We haven't decided what our theme is yet, any suggestions?
It's either, “For my part I know nothing with any certainty, but the sight of the stars makes me dream.” by Van Gogh
"When I wish upon a Star".
There will be several gifts under the tree hopefully with the donations of others we can get a TreadMill (track star), Telescope, The top of the World (Stratosphere in Vegas), Ipod, Iphone, Flatscreen TV (with Starwars) . . . Any donations, ideas, or imputs will be GREATLY appreciated.
The theme of the Festival is "Illumination of Hope"
The Festival is the premier Las Vegas holiday event of the season and, more importantly, is the largest fund raising event for the Down Syndrome Organization of Southern Nevada. It is a beautifully presented black-tie gala that includes cocktails, dinner, entertainment and auctions.The Festival of Trees and Lights features a black tie dinner and an impressive holiday display of the most beautifully decorated designer trees,wreaths and holiday baskets you will ever have the pleasure of viewing. For details see:

Tuesday, September 9, 2008

Beautiful Art for your Body

I have been working like crazy on these new pendants. Everyone seems to dig them! I have sold them with Justbe, and a local store in Logan, Beetles. We will be going big soon.

Check out to see more, our new jewelery will soon be on

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