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Monday, February 9, 2009

Wedding Cakes

I was crazy to volunteer to make a wedding cake. I did my wedding cake, my friends, and now my sister n' laws. I told her it would not be perfect. I like to bake a lot, but a suggestion from a stressed out cake maker wanna-be/ DON'T only give yourself 1 hour prior to the event!!
I had the cakes made but did not have the fondant put on. The bottom was fake, the middle and top were the same, Vanilla Cake made from scratch, a layer of bright blue butter cream frosting, a layer of Chocolate Cake made from scratch with black dye in it. On the way to the wedding, I damaged the cakes, a box fell on top, so I had to repair them.
I thought for sure that I would be able to have time in the afternoon-nope. Because of pictures I was rockin' out in the closet asking people to hold the table still so I could roll out the fondant. We placed ribbon to hide all the wrinkles, and diamonds to keep the eye off the damaged parts (really didn't look too bad after I put more frosting on them).
Over-all I had lots of fun, and liked the experience. People were there when I was bringing out the cake (at the reception). Take advice, don't wait so late!

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