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Monday, April 18, 2011

Easter/ Mother's Day Giveaway!!!

Sam is the winner!!! Claim prize within 2 days, or prize will go to new winner.
I wanted to do a giveaway for Mother's Day. I am giving away a Special Order Charm (value of $16).
Way hot, way cute, hook it to a Glitzy Glass Charm Bracelet, a backpack, key chain...possibilities- endless.

You send me a photo of whatever you would like and I will make you a masterpiece. The above photo has original glass from a shattered window of the grandmother deteriorating house, old wallpaper on the back.  Priceless!
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Enter name below to enter Giveaway.  Giveaway ends May 1st.

AHHH, these are so hot.  I love the new shapes.  So many things you can do with glass!  They are perfect for Mother's Day, $16 per pair.  Something original!

Monday, April 4, 2011

Happy Easter!

These Easter eggs are perfect for your window. They look great all strung up across your window with big fat ribbon. There are endless possibilities for the design of your special Easter egg. Give me an email for any questions (
Happy Easter.
Easter is so fun for kids too. Some ideas to dye-eat Easter eggs:
Fun eggs to eat:

Click here to see directions
13 Fun ways to decorate eggs:

Click HERE for directions.

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