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Friday, September 26, 2008

Make A Difference TODAY details about Touchpoint

My mind set is continuously changing and I am going to make a difference.
I attended Touchpoint an for entrepreneurial women in SLC, UT. Heather Madder was the key note speaker who has really touched me. I feel so inspired and driven to make a difference now, today . . .I believe my business can lead me to inspiring others while being an at home mom (I work when they nap). I have met so many people in the last month who will change my course forever. I am a part of American Mothers (a nondenominational group of mothers who get together to talk about being good moms)where I met Deborah Gardner. I am going to team up with "One Heart Bulgaria" to help orphans. Glitzy Glass is committed to donating 3% profit to helping this organization. So, every purchase you make will contribute to helping Orphans in a real way. Every person has something to offer, not an average something, but something wonderful inside of them. Truthfully we need to be mentally healthy to be able to connect, then, influence the lives of others. Getting rid of all the stigmas that society has put on us can help us break free. I will go to Bulgaria (somehow) and help these children.
Working with the Festival Tree of Lights in Las Vegas for the Down Syndrome has shown me the generosity of others who want to make a difference too. I never cry and for some reason I do when I talk about "One Heart Bulgaria". I feel compelled to find a way to help out, teach my children about what matters and to be continuously closer to God. I have always been involved in giving service. When I was in High School I received the Prudential Spirit of Community Award, yet I have not felt like I have taken the chance to give- to the next level. Wow, you will be hearing more soon!


Dixie said...

What a great blog!!! I love reading what's going on in your life. Keep up the good work!! Ditzy

Dixie said...

You're precious!

Glitzy Glass said...

Hey, ditzy, that's funny, but I have always said that I am not a ditz, I'm just a blonde!

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