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Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Mother's Day Pricing SALE SALE SALE

Well I finally put it alltogether so it is easier to understand the pricing. I have a lot of options, I fit the customer to what they want.


Mother's Day Special

Order before April 10th and receive 20% off your total order (no other offers applicable)

Order before Mother's Day and receive 15% off your total order

Mention you saw this on my blog when you email the order. (just send a jpeg in an email)

This special is for a mother figure...hence Mother's Day... hopefully you have a good one (ha ha).
It truely is the perfect gift. I really want everyone to be able to get something for their Mother if they desire. Thank you for visiting my blog today.


Kris said...

I still plan to put your website on my blog...when I have the time! Love your stuff!!!!

Kris said...

OK you're on my blog! My first advertiser! Woohoo. Let's just give me a little credit toward that charm you mentioned...I think it sounds cute.

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