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Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Frank Abagnale Jr.

Go to to see the trailer

I went to a financial event with my husband at the Grand America Hotel in Salt Lake City. We accidentally tried to sign up to go to a technology event, thinking that it was ours, we were messing around for 20 minutes. After all that, I thoroughly enjoyed the food, and even more than that, the speaker. Steven Spilberg filmed Catch Me If You Can, about Frank Abagnale Jr. Frank came to tell us his version (the movie was glorified). He told several stories, he spoke quickly and gave little jokes so we had to pay attention.
Frank started with the story of how it all started for his life of fraud. He was in school and his teacher pulled him out, he found him self in a courtroom and had no idea why. His mother was on one side, and his father on another. The judge told him to choose which parent he wanted to live with, and he ran out of the room and never saw his father again.
My favorite moments of the speech was how he spoke about what changed him. He ended up getting caught in France (I think) and spent jail time there, then in a different country, then spent jail time in our country. His father ended up dying, he slipped and fell down a flight of stairs (very physically fit, bad accident) in the subway. After he got out, he met a girl. He said that jail didn't change him, but his wife. His wife (still married to) helped him to be who he was. He said to treat your wife like she is everything.
Frank loved his father. His father never missed a night of kissing him goodnight. Frank has 3 boys (high credentials) who he loves. Frank said that no one can replace parents. I was surprised to hear that from him, it's rare, you don't hear people who actually get that concept.
So, he was very fun to meet, and we had a blast at the event. We actually met Frank Abagnale!


Just be...... said...

That is so cool you got to meet him. I always wondered what the real story was behind the movie.
You guys look great!!

Glitzy Glass Stars said...

Thank you, it was an awesome experience!

Anonymous said...


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