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Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Just a Peek

So, I have been in Las Vegas getting ready for the Event. The Festival Tree of Lights for the Down Syndrome Organization is in 23 Days. We went all around town getting everything for it. I am touched by all the wonderful people who contribute. This is not our finished product. . .we were trying to find out how many stars to use. We are getting the tree ready to ship (they saran wrap it and box it up)to the Paris Hotel in Las Vegas. The invitations are awesome, if anyone wants an invitation, just ask me. You can visit: for more information. I found out a little more about where the money goes, it goes to help the children with therapy. Some examples of therapy are spirit horse (where they ride horses--they say it is one of the best things for the children), speech therapy, music therapy, and more. My niece Brooklyn is so so cute, she goes to school and loves it. The thing I love most about Brooklyn is how she laughs at nothing, she laughs a lot, so so cute.


Just be...... said...

Gosh the tree looks beautiful!! I love your whole concept. Be a star is perfect for it!!
I hope it goes well.

whew you guys did a lot in a short amount of time!!

funwithfive said...

Beautiful Tree- it's magical!
MIndy Anhder

Glitzy Glass Stars said...

Thank you, it will be so cool to go to the real event. I think I will even buy things at the auction!

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