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Saturday, November 6, 2010


I had a blast looking at the 3 websites!

I can't stop thinking about some great finds with the websites sites such as, Luxe by CSN; All Modern; and Cookware.

Luxe by CSN has some hot shoes. These are my fav. Shoes make such a statement with your outfit- you can dress up or dress down. Hot! Free shipping and free returns, can't beat that!

All Modern is my ultimate favorite. I love seeing my kids faces smile. When they say more...more...(and it is ok-not like it's candy)...ok. Get ready for this one, wait for it...

Yes, it is a spinning chair! The name of this contraption is Bilibo Play Shell. It comes in many colors. I can't wait to spin them in this! I am getting it for sure! They have thousands of items that have free shipping. Another feature on this website is "see it for less". They will match prices to ensure that you have a great deal.  They also have drop leaf tables that are quite beautiful!
Cookware is full of the gadgets that you have not added to your collection. They have bar stools, All-clad (I use every day), and creme brulee fire torch. I love to cook.

Every year for Christmas we make creme brulee and hold your mouth shut if your on a diet cuz it is Amazing! Here is the recipe:...
Creme Brulee

8 cups heavy cream (2 gallon)
2 vanilla beans (cut & scraped)
2 eggs
12 egg yolks
1 2/3 cup sugar

Scald cream with vanilla bean. Wisk eggs, yolks, sugar. Slowly add cream to egg mixture while
whisking. Pour through strainer. Pour into ramekins, bake in waterbath for about 45 minutes at
200 degrees. Let set in fridge for 12 hours. Sprinkle with fine sugar & broil.

Hope you loved these products as much as I did!


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