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Tuesday, November 9, 2010

One Heart Bulgaria

November is full of Thanksgiving. So to help others see what a difference they can make, I am going to make a pendant with all proceeds (100%) going to directly benefit the children. GO AHEAD, BUY IT NOW, CLICK HERE. This pendant will be available for purchase now.  You can also purchase any of these other pendants during November on our blog! To see what One Heart Bulgaria is all about click here.

TODAY YOU CAN PURCHASE A "One Heart Bulgaria" PENDANT FOR YOURSELF WITH PROCEEDS GOING TO ONE HEART BULGARIA. These were designed by the founder, Deborah Gardner to encourage people to donate to One Heart Bulgaria, and to help others become aware of the foundation.

You can choose where your donation will go, whether it is to aid the children in education, or my favorite, to have grandmothers hold the children (orphans lack from love and affection). Each penny goes straight to the benefit of the children. Visit by clicking here to make a donation DIRECTLY to their webpage. Any amount is always appreciated.
Glitzy Glass Stars always donates three percent of all proceeds to One Heart Bulgaria.



Deborah said...

This is wonderful Jen, thank you so much! I just received an email from a woman who adopted from Bulgaria and who wants a pendent.

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