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Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Glitzy has created...and....NOW HERE......FREE template for Kids...

Last night my work was complete.
So, have kids?  Have grand kids?  Babysit? Anyways, Children are lovely, but it is best if kept busy while in public.  I have noticed when attention is focused elsewhere my sweet-adorable kids (who would never-wait) get into mischief. 
I wanted to offer something great for YOU for becoming a part of my email list and free Monthly Newsletter.  It will be implemented SOON.  We have a Instruction Sheet and Template.

Why Adam & Eve?  Well, Recycling..I have always involved recycling in my art.  I have included free magazine envelopes with each purchase.  I got a little creative.  Adam & Eve are made from Recycled paper.  Hopefully people who are familiar with the Bible will enjoy the future creations as well- for your children.  I want to help my kids think and pretend with these Bible stories. 
Enjoy, hope YOU and your kids love it. 
If your not already a subscriber, you can subscribe now by clicking "Adam & Eve Recycled Paper toys for kids.."below


I am Jamie Sue! said...

I got my earrings and they were WONDERFUL!!

Em said...

Jen! It looks like business is BOOMIN! Great job! I miss you guys and the rest of the Logan crew so much, isn't it a bummer to move away? I'm glad to see all is well, and I would love to get together. My schedule is pretty open besides preschool and naptime :)
Let me know!

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