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Friday, February 18, 2011

CSN Review

From  modern furniture to shoes, cooking to bedding, CSN has the perfect item for you. 
Find what is perfect for you.
I am excited to do our second review for CSN.  The first review I highlighted the spin chairs.  I love, love them.  We have a lot of fun spinning the kids in them, and they spin their toys in them.

I can't tell you how much my youngest loves muffins. I went to the doctor Wednesday and was informed that she is just not big enough. He said I needed to feed her 5 meals a day. I do anyways (if you count a snack as a meal)..long story short-that girl won't eat easily. I try the calorie loaded pedisure, mac and cheese... nothing works but pure sugar. She does like muffins. It has been hard for me to make them lately (I lost my own muffin pan somehow). I have been borrowing the kind neighbors almost daily, I almost adopted her muffin tin. I reconsidered when I browsed on CSN. Perfect. I can finally get my own muffin tins.

Sheets, what is this? Well, I was looking at KSL and found a lazyboy twin couch.  I finally have a place for a guest to sleep.  It is perfect.  A twin.  I don't have sheets for the new addition.  Yes, CSN has sheets too. Great thread count, beautiful colors, quality!
Thank you CSN for your various options, price matching, quality products. 


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