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Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Who knew a pendant could transform the year of 2011?

Who knew a pendant could transform the year of 2011?
A novel idea for those who are goal oriented.
Those who write goals are reminded to review the goals often.
What a better way to review the goals as they are around your neck, or on a key chain.
I love the front of this classy Eiffel tower (photos courtesy of my daughter!). The reverse side reveals my true personal desired attributes. My husband and I were talking about what makes the difference between good and excellent people (through his business classes in his master program, but applies anywhere). He said through years and years of study it is the Consistency and Self-Discipline that makes successful people.
Through ordering a Special Order Goal Pendant, May the year 2011 improve us by consistency through self discipline with the help of our little pendant!
Because I would love each of us to attain our transformation of the year 2011...I am offering till the end of January, Buy a Special Order Goal Pendant 1/2 off!  WHAT? Yes, 1/2 off! Comment below to qualify. (click comment, and type your name there...)
Have a great month!


Anonymous said...

Yes I would LOVE to get a 2011 pendant at 1/2 off! I LOVE your work!

Jeanette McCulloch

Lori Conger, said...

Jen, you are brilliant and amazing! What a fabulous idea!

Liz said...

Can I say it? This is a really cool idea. Good thinkin' Jen. Also, my kids are finally NOT sick so I'll have to give you a call and come see you sometime. Sound goody?

CKMB said...

I would like 2 if that is ok. Can I have a little bit to think on what to write?

Kelsey Bywater

Sherylen said...

I need one. Maybe it will help me keep my goal.

Glitzy Glass said...

YOU ALL must be brilliant people, to write goals, and soon decide to keep them...(smile).
Thank you for saying hi. I was just thinking about how mmm things have been tonight. The one good thing about living in a small appartment is...I can be sitting at the dinner table and think...mmm "I want some ranch". I can reach my hand behind me and without moving my seat, open, and pull out the ranch. Now who can do that!!! You know you wish you lived in a small app!

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