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Monday, May 11, 2009

Bracelet for me!

Sometimes I get something in my head and have to get it done right away so I can move on. I had this happen with the bracelet. I am excited to get it made for others too.
I am not a procrastinator, some say that is good--my husband thinks differently. My dad is the same way--busy body. He is worse than me at not being able to stand still, or sit down with out doing something. We were driving to SLC for our Anniversary all alone, without kids (great). I found my self having the hardest time driving without the radio on, without the phone on, without talking, and without kids . . . Jason was reading his books (daily goal) so we could be together. He said, that is just killing you isn't it. I appreciate time to relax, when I have everything done, taking a hot bath is my favorite. My mind was going a million miles an hour, He can read right through me. We had a great time for our Anniversary. I can't believe how good life can be, and it is crazy how a little thing can throw it off--firm foundations are so crucial. It is 6 good years.


The Fonnesbecks said...

Oh you are so creative! Cute bracelet. Any progress on a little box yet?

Glitzy Glass said...

Hi, no progress on box . . I got to get my plants in the ground then, I am going to work on that. It is such a good idea--I am really going to. Are you here this week?

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