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Friday, August 8, 2008

Adding Some Bling at Bear Lake

My newest creations have been boggling my mind. We went to Bear Lake for Raspberry Days 25th annual anniversary. It about killed me to stop my passion of Glitzy Glass and my new fettish--blogging . . . so I could relax. Durring nap time I still mannaged to whip out a few new creations. Queens Crown, Large Snowflake and Small Snowflake. I am excited for these babies!

Bear Lake is the best vacationing spot. My mom took me to her Bear Lake Cottage for my Birthday with my 2 kids. My honey was home for work and coaching football. We participated in selling Glitzy Glass on Thursday but pulled out for Friday so we could do the Farmers Market Saturday in Logan.

Some of the best moments were when we packed all we could to park ourselves on the beach. We brought lunch so we wouldn't need to go back to the house, little did we know! Both kids didn't understand the concept of not touching the sand while we ate. They had a total of 3 gritty meals (and they still ate it)---yuck! We have been taking swim lessons and boy were they excited to play. The shovels, buckets, sand, and water were "bomb" They had so so much fun. It was the highlight of their summer. It was really good to enjoy the moment, just sitting there watching the kids.

I can't forget the moment of complete frustration . . . I feel like most the time I am easy going, but not at nap time that day. They told me they would opt. to sleep on the beach vs the house, so we took the play pen. I told them it was time to sleep-- they kept making messing around--one would feed the other, I couldn't handle it. Obviously I needed the nap more than them. My mom and I joked that we were celebrating my Birthday for the week. Mom could tell I was frustrated and took care of the kids so "craky mom" could take her 20 minute nap. It sure feels good to be a kid sometimes, although I am still waiting for a grown-up stroller to be invented so I can be pushed around, ha ha.


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