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Wednesday, July 30, 2008

Ready to Buy?

At Glitzy Glass Stars, our motto is to Be your own star. We would like each star to be as charming and unique as you are. Please note the colors, particular glass, or shape, may vary slightly but will add to the beauty of our creation.

We will have a link set up where you can purchase our creations by Aug 08' more selection will be added check out

Large Stars $19.99 Small Stars $10.99
(Large approx 9"x10") (Small approx 4" x 4 1/2")

Note: each star is delicately wrapped and boxed ready to ship There is a hook on the top of each star which your are able to thread beautiful ribbon to enhance your star. You may also choose to simplify and use fishing line to thread the star, tying a knot and using super glue or clear fingernail polish at the knot to prevent slipping. Hang with a tac or push pin where light will penetrate and at the right time of day you can witness the beautiful rainbow that will appear through the glass.


Just be...... said...

Jen, your blog is looking good!! Love the stars! I have them hung up in my window and they are beautiful!!


Glitzy Glass said...

Hey, wow, I have exploded--volcano exploded since I was at your home. I have so many things to do!!! I am going to Bear Lake and wow, I'm going to work, gotta go! Jen

The Fonnesbecks said...
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The Fonnesbecks said...

So beautiful! I would love to see what you've got!

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